About Us

Garuda Intercust was established with a single purpose-to widen the frontiers of modern logistics. Being an Ex-Wiproite and having worked in corporate sector for purchase and logistics division, management consulting on Foreign Trade and Customs documentation can be established through smooth operations for meeting organizational objectives.

Availability of products and services assumes paramount importance in inventory building with JIT technology for efficient and effective warehouse management and operational excellence.

An approval from Government of India is a pre-requisite for any business entity for its survival and growth. Statutes affecting the business environment for compliance are detailed below.

The Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1992
Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14
Hand Book of Procedures 2009-14
The Customs Act, 1962
The Customs Tariff Act, 1974
The Atomic Energy Act, 1962
The Patents Act, 1970
The Drugs Control Act, 1950
The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985

At Garuda, people are skilled with right qualifications and experience for handling the above compliance matters. People are posted on-site for documentation for submission and collection of necessary approvals from the Government agencies.
Key objectives include customer satisfaction through quality processes and appointment of right people for maintaining SLA to provide end-to-end logistics services.

Our Vision and objectives:

  • Enhancing performance, minimizing costs, maximizing profits...
  • Introducing a professional approach to each project on logistics consulting
  • Combining innovation with best practice to produce enduring results...
  • Providing clients with global quality perspective and ensuring smooth operational service
  • Pro-active approach in problem solving on material handling and JIT approach.


At Garuda, we strongly believe in the adage “Nothing succeeds like success” and constantly strive for perfection in whatever we undertake.

Our successes include:

  • Obtained STPI LOP within 4 weeks.
  • Private Bonded Warehouse Licenses from Licensing Authority within 4 working days including Bonding of new premises/additional premises and De-bonding of premises.
  • Customs clearance to be precise 2 business days for both exempt and customs duties payable goods.
  • High value drawback claims collected from Customs Department.
  • Processed refund files and collected refunds to the tune of INR 5 Million
  • Duty exemption cases worked out for the Aviation industry, Energy (Oil & Gas), Defense and Education sector.
  • Mission critical application for EDI in ICEGATE and ACES.
  • Garuda team was instrumental in getting the SVB Bond cancellation for an MNC customer and obtained high value refund from Chennai Customs Department.
  • Handled Foreign Trade DGFT/ JDGFT & Customs department for compliance of conditions under Advance Licenses / EPCG Licenses for closure.
  • Certified Green Belt under six sigma processes.
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